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Prof. Jean-Louis Deneubourg. Unit of Social Ecology (USE), ULB. Brussels-Belgium.
Dr. Stephanie Depickere. Medical Entomology Service, INLASA-IRD. La Paz-Bolivia.
Prof. Jason Gallas. Theoretical and Computer Physics, UFRGS. Porto Alegre-Brazil#6699FF.

White Noise

White noise - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
How to Generate White Gaussian Noise

Time Series

Análisis de series temporales
Nonlinear Time Series Routines
Time Series Data Library
Time Series Analysis


Fourmis :: Forum Antslab, élevages et observations des Fourmis :: Voir le sujet - Les sujets qui valent le détour


Interesting Things for ESL/EFL Students (Fun English Study)


Educational Resources and courses in biophysics - career resources



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Noticias EL DIARIO - Periódico boliviano de circulación mundial
La Razón - Diario Nacional
Titulares de la Fecha
JORNADA | Portada
El Mundo - Prensa Mayor
El Nuevo Dia - Titulares
Los Tiempos | Bolivia
LA PATRIA | ORURO - BOLIVIA | Fundado el 19 de Marzo de 1919 | Noticias

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Autómatas Celulares

Una Introducción a los Autómatas Celulares
Cellular Automata and the Edge of Chaos
Stephen Wolfram: A New Kind of Science

Complex Systems

Capítulo 4 - Síntesis de estructuras fractales aleatorias
Visual Models of Morphogenesis A Guided Tour
User Friendly Programs for Nonlinear Time Series Analysis
Jason Gallas Homepage (Material for download)
Laboratorio No-Lineal
Resource Links on Self-Organisation, Complexity and Artificial Life
Vie Artificielle, présentation et illustration Java. Automates cellulaires, algorithmes génétiques, biomorphs...
StarLogo on the Web


CIO- CSDS-2005
World Year of Physics 2005
Nonlinear Dynamics
DySES 2005

Enseignants-chercheurs - [Antares] - M.J.E.N.R.
Guía de estaciones de radio


Aware Electronics Corp. Radiation Monitors for PCs
EDUCyT #36 - 2da. Sección [23 de abril de 1998.]
Genitron Instruments - Contact us
National Radiological Protection Board
NuclearLab = Instrumentación nuclear
Our IAQ Measurement and Equipment for 12 Parameters
Radon Equipment and Supplies
Radon measurements


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Population Reference Bureau (PRB)